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Please read before submitting a warranty request

Welcome to our warranty service page. Please review this information below for guidance on how to request warranty parts and/or labor for defective materials or workmanship.

Here at Taylor Brothers we represent many different brands that each have their own respective product warranties. In order to give you the best experience we have an on-staff service coordinator that will help in the processing of your warranty service request. If you have purchased materials here at Taylor Brothers and need to request warranty service you will begin by completing the service request form down below. All requests for service begin with this form and this is the fastest way to get your request reviewed and acknowledged quickly. Our commitment is to acknowledge and process ALL warranty service requests within 48 hours to keep your projects moving forward.

Before you fill out the service request form it is important to understand the difference between warranty and non-warranty service. Here at Taylor Brothers our service team ONLY handles requests for warranty service. If you need non-warranty service you will find a link below that provides a list of local installers & for-hire service providers (see attachment). When trying to determine if your service is warranty or nonwarranty you should review the product warranty for reference. The links to our top selling products warranties are listed at the bottom of this page. Be aware that warranties for our various products typically cover defects in materials or workmanship that significantly impair operation and usage. Also realize that most of the products we sell require the installer to make fine tune adjustments at the time of installation & before final move in. These are critical steps to ensure everything is tuned up and working properly before you begin using the products. Fine tune adjustments are NOT covered under the product warranty and should be directed to your installer or general contractor.

Finally it is important to realize that our wide range of products provide warranties that vary greatly. Some warranties cover parts and labor while others only cover replacement parts. Most manufacturers specifically exclude things like removal, installation, & finishing from their warranty coverage. These costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. I encourage you to review the product warranty for the brand you have purchased to become familiar with the coverage they provide. If you have any questions or need further clarification you are always welcome to contact our service coordinator during normal business hours.

Below please find the warranties for our top manufacturers.

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