The names provided here are an effort to assist our customers with a list of contractors for your use. It is highly recommended that these contractors be called and references checked before you make a final decision. These contractors do not work for Taylor Brothers. Our sole purpose with this is to provide you with names of local contractors.

Company Contact / Phone / Email Area of Focus / Notes
Centerline Carpentry Jose Briseno (818) 203-4068
 Specialty Doors, Fleetwood, Steel
Doctor Door & Window Steve Byroads (323) 664-6248
 Interior Doors, Smaller Jobs
Expert Windows & Doors Gary Kuykendall (818) 426-8195
 Specialty Doors, Fleetwood
Hallmark & Associates Mark Hall (818) 985-9400
Specialty Doors, Fleetwood, Multi-Family
Jerry’s Windows & Doors Jere Rosenberg (323) 829-6363
Small Jobs
Lloyd Radlein Lloyd Radlein (818)429-9579
Specialty Doors, Fleetwood
Midway Glass Kay (323) 730-0694
R.B. General Aaron Farnsworth (818) 554-4900
Small Jobs
R.J. Laun Robert Laun (626) 351-3398
Specialty Doors, Interior Doors, Fleetwood
Viso, Inc. Tomas Velasquez (323) 388-9108
Small Jobs
Ultimate Installz Inc. Phoebe Maor (949) 679-4817
Specialty Doors, Fleetwood, Steel
Window Crafters Rhoda Hill (949)799-2422
Specialty Doors, Fleetwood, Steel
New Castle Remodeling Randy Mate (818)548-8760
Small Jobs
Skylight Service Center Cody Max (747)257-5027 (747)257-9183