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Dutch masters of steel since 1667

As a 350-year-old Dutch family business, we have a long tradition of craftsmanship and quality. We develop our own solid steel profile systems for both interior and exterior projects, with which we can detail project specifically. We produce the slimmest, handcrafted steel windows and doors. From design to installation, we will take care of the entire process.

MHB has been working with steel for more than 350 years. From generation to generation, we have developed our mastery of steel as a durable building material and unlocked the power it entails. MHB works exclusively with the solid form of steel and precious metals to ensure the highest quality and best products. Producing solid steel profile systems, unrivalled in their strength and slenderness is possible thanks to the essence of the material: solid steel. This allows architects to design with real freedom again.

Premium materials

Thermally broken solid steel

Solid steel provides strength, and combines incredible durability with minimal maintenance due to the superior surface treatment, which is available in all colors.

Brushed stainless steel

Brushed stainless steel has become increasingly popular in both interior and exterior architectural applications because of its corrosion resistance, appearance and durability.

Colour coated steel

Powder coating is the best surface treatment for preserving steel. Out of all treatments, powder coating provides the thickest protective layer, maximizing the lifespan of our products to 100+ years with minimal required upkeep.

Precious metals

These exclusive materials can assist architects in achieving an aesthetically superior appearance and provide the designer with a wide array of options. Using the strength of solid steel in combination with actual metals such as bronze, an exceptional and extremely durable facade can be created.



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