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Reveal Windows and Doors



Developed by Pacific Architectural Millwork, Reveal Windows & Doors offers innovative, premium quality wood and aluminum clad window, door and timber curtain wall products that create an indoor/outdoor living experience for residential and commercial projects of all styles.


Introducing the next step in the evolution of the sliding door: the patent-pending Slide & Seal™ system, only from Reveal Windows & Doors. The innovative hardware at the heart of the Slide & Seal™ automatically seals your door when you close it. When the panels reach the closed position, an independently-operating door bottom automatically drops and seals each panel with the surface of the floor, while a mechanism in the head track tilts the panels slightly outward, creating a weather-resistant enclosure around the perimeter.


The M-Series Push-Out Casement WA7000 (wood with exterior aluminum cladding) hardware includes durable stainless steel friction hinges and concealed multi-point locks to simplify operation and remove the need for traditional crank-out hardware.

The solid wood M-Series Casement configuration vents from the side by rotating the handle 90 degrees and opening the window with a smooth push-out motion. The extruded aluminum cladding minimizes exterior window maintenance in a variety of finishes, including custom color-matched Kynar™ (suitable for harsh coastal environments) and clear- or bronze-anodized options. A concealed roll screen option is also available, which retracts into the top of the window when not in use to maximize your unobstructed view.


As an alternative to standard aluminum storefront systems, Reveal presents the timber curtain wall system with wood interior. This system is ideal for applications where one desires a structural window wall with the warmth and richness of wood on the interior, such as high-end residential, boutique retail, or hospitality projects, with the durability and low-maintenance of exterior aluminum caps (wood caps also available).

When viewed from the exterior, the curtain wall system from Reveal Windows & Doors resembles typical aluminum storefront, with nearly unlimited configurations and multiple aluminum and wood cap options. The wood interior can be milled out of any species, and is engineered according to the structural and performance needs of the opening. Testing data is available upon request.

Once the framework of the curtain wall is established, the openings can be glazed with nearly any fixed or operable units, including casements, awnings, swing doors, and sliding doors. The openings can also be glazed with fixed exterior aluminum/interior wood panels.

Multiple installation options exist for curtain walls to span multiple stories and incorporate into any building system, and test data is available to show the structural and performance characteristics of the curtain wall. All systems can be sold with third-party engineering and installation, to ensure proper performance and provide a turn-key solution.